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Calcium Carbonate / Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CaCO3. This is a substance commonly found on rocks in all parts of the world.

Is a major component of the shell of marine organisms, snails, pearls, and egg shells. The most common forms of nature are limestone, and marble, produced by sedimentation from small fossil snail shells, shells, and corals for millions of years. Although all three forms are identical in chemical terms, they differ in other respects, including purity, whiteness thickness, and homogeneity. Calcium carbonate is one of the most useful and versatile ingredients known to man.

In the market, calcium carbonate is sold in two different types. What distinguishes the two types of products lies in the level of purity of calcium carbonate products in it. The two types of calcium carbonate or CaCO3 products in question are heavy and light types.

Heavy type calcium carbonate is produced by crushing the extracted limestone into fine powder, then filtering it to obtain the desired powder size. Furthermore, the filtered calcium carbonate flour is stored in silos or large storage containers before being packaged.

While calcium carbonate light type is obtained after going through a rather complicated production process, compared to heavy type. Limestone is first burned in a giant furnace, to convert CaCO3 to CaO (calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide or CO2 gas.

CaCO3 -> CaO CO2

The next process, CaO is formed and then mixed with water and stirred. Then formed calcium hydroxide compounds or Ca (OH) 2. Calcium hydroxide that has formed is then filtered to separate impurities.

CaO H2O -> Ca (OH) 2

The filtered Ca (OH) 2 is then reacted with CO2 to form CaCO3 and water, as shown by the following reaction equation:

Ca (OH) 2 CO2 -> CaCO3 H2O

The CaCO3 precipitate from the above reaction is then filtered and dried. Furthermore Calcium hydroxide is mashed into powder CaCO3.

Use of Calcium Carbonate in Industry

Many industries have utilized calcium kabronate. Industries that use calcium carbonate include:

   Pulp and Paper Industry

   Agricultural fertilizer and liming

   Food and medicine

   Glass and ceramics

   Plastic and composite

   Construction (concrete, plaster, asphalt)

   Car and motorcycle tire industry

   Paint Industry <

   PVC pipe manufacturing industry

   Toothpaste manufacturing industry.

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