Polyaluminium Chlorite

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Poly Aluminium Chlorite is a very effective and efficient water treatment product which is a coagulant (a chemical that causes destabilization of negative charge particles in the suspension) that can help to purify water

 Benefits and added value of poly aluminum chloride products are:

1. Purify water in your place both processed water from rivers and water from soil that is still not clear and wastewater effectively and efficiently.

2. Purify water at high speed.

3. Distill pharmaceutical products, glycerine and sugar.

4. Collecting coal particles from the coal and kaolin washing water for the ceramics industry.

5. Purifies water from industrial processed products:

· Printing and Coloring

· Leather Industry

· Coal Mining Industry

· Metal Processing Industry

·       Pharmaceutical industry

· Paper Processing Industry

· Oil and Heavy Metals

· Hotel / Apartment Project

· Housing Projects

   Purification of drinking water, domestic wastewater.

   Work effectively on sedimentation or substances that are retained in water including colloids.

   Purifying water for processes in various industries, including: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Food & Beverage ETC.

   Purifying water for swimming pools.

   Quicken cement, metal casting and metal molding.

   The process of separating water and oil in the refining industry.

   Substitute Alum and Ferrous Sulfate.

   Purification of wastewater and wastewater polluted by various industries.

Aln (OH) mCl3n-m is a chemical formula for Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC). It is one of the coagulants (chemicals that cause destabilization of negative particles in the suspension) that can help to purify water, such as turbid well water. There are several known and patented ways to make PACs that can be made using partial hydrolysis of aluminum chloride, as the following reaction shows: n AlCl3 + m OH−. m Na + → Al n (OH) m Cl 3n-m + m Na ++ m Cl−

PAC is a complex inorganic compound, hydroxyl ions and aluminum ions which have different chlorination properties as polynuclear forming having the general formula Alm (OH) nCl (3m-n).

The use of poly aluminum chloride is

PAC is used when the pool is very damaged or for industrial liquid waste, this chemical is shaped like flour, its function is to precipitate impurities to the bottom of the pond. Before using this chemical the pH and Cl levels must be normal, after that only use PAC. The condition of the engine in the circulation position or multi-function valve button is in the circulation position and the engine is turned on for 2-3 hours. Then turn off and wait for the deposition process. Very good to use at night, so that the next morning all the dirt has settled and then the vacuum dispose and the position of the button on the multi-function valve is in the position of the waste and valve or vacuum valve is opened 1/2 (half) so that water is not wasted much. The use of PAC does not coincide with chlorine because it can cause milky white water.

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